The Odds of Getting Married and Other Nonsense

And, while safe in your own home, danger lurks. Your refrigerator magnets might be revealing way too much about you. Brilliant psychological analysis answers the questions you didn't know you had. Looking at life differently requires a unique approach, for instance, to beauty. Priceless tips: What's the connection between cucumbers and cellulite? What's the best position for sleeping to avoid wrinkles...a gorgeous celebrity shares her secret.

Hysterical true escapades prove life can be crazy fun. It's a circus! When you make it out alive—a hurricane while on a cruise ship, a hostage in a bank robbery, singing on the Tonight Show. Seriously, this is laugh out loud, funny advice that might just change your life forever!  (Look for me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter.)


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"AN AWARD WINNER!" "Shades of David Sedaris..." from Playwright Don Pollard...and from radio talk show host Carole Lieberman, M.D....

These hilarious essays will help you live life more creatively. Dating? Looking? Given up? Do you really wonder what your odds are for getting married? Find out here along with some crazy concepts: Facial Punctuation, a Minimum Threshold of Attractiveness, Yodeling, Speed Dating, Sex Appeal, insightful, clever advice and more.

It's time to turn your life upside down. Did you cancel a blind date because it creeped you out? Why? So you can stay home to watch "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" for the 53rd time?

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